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in a nutshell . . .

I developed my marketing expertise over the course of 15 years in industrial marketing working for multi-billion dollar organizations. As a former product and brand manager, I held global responsibilities and had cradle-to-grave responsibility for my products.

Now, as a business owner myself, I’m able to relate to the challenges that small business owners face while still leveraging the best of what I learned from that corporate experience.

In 2009 I had a Vertebral Artery Dissection which caused 3 strokes – one of which was a massive stroke – and I was air-lifted from a Level 1 Trauma Center to UW-Madison where they had a stroke team waiting for me. I wasn’t expected to live through the night. 

Fast forward a decade and I’m a business owner, author, speaker, trainer, marketing coach, and even a step-mom:) – and ever so grateful for the extra years!



Take a Bite out of the Competition

A foundational marketing book that is critical for anyone who has a product or service to promote. It is an easy-to-read book that breaks down all of the complicated marketing jargon and makes it accessible for anyone – regardless of experience level.

Master Public Speaking

If you’ve ever felt like you were going to Throw Up, Freeze Up, or Pass Out – this book is for you! Even if you just want to become more poised,  polished and confident in front of an audience – you need this book. Written for all ages!


Not many marketing professionals can also teach you how to present yourself well with public speaking!:)

Years of Marketing

Industries Advised

Years of Public Speaking

Hours of Marketing Experience

Leah has the incredible ability to know just what you want and need to market and succeed in your business.

– Trish U.

In the Works

What I’m writing . . .

Faith Stories

Non-Fiction | Christian Devotions | Christian Self-Help

I’m continuing my quest to help simplify subjects that many find overwhelming and intimidating and I wanted to extend that to the subject of digging into scripture and understanding how to apply it to our lives. I’m in the process of writing two different books. The first is a Christian devotional book full of real stories, some silly – some serious, that show how relevant scripture is even in today’s world. This project has been on my heart for many years and with two books under my belt, I have the confidence and expertise to produce something even more meaningful.

The second book is more serious in nature. This one focuses on my background of overcoming those over-functioning and enabling behaviors which go hand in hand with not being able to set boundaries. It’s a book of hope, healing and restoration that can be found when we finally abandon all other means and run to Jesus.

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