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What if I need to reschedule a session

Life happens, we understand. If you need to cancel a session, you may reschedule within the contract period.  We may not be able to accommodate your preferred time slot, but we will always work you into the schedule, providing that you are within our contract terms.

Are there refunds on unused sessions?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any refunds on unused sessions. All marketing agreements cover a certain period of time and it is your responsibility to schedule time with your marketing coach and to be available for your sessions during the contract period. Please consider your schedule when entering into your marketing coaching agreement.

Will Marketing Coaching help me write content?

Coaching is instruction and training on how to perform; a Marketing Coach doesn’t do the work for you, they are there to guide you. We provide consultative services and advice. If you require work to be completed we do have a team who does everything from content writing and logo design to website design and Search Engine Optimization. Talk to your coach about what other services might be right for you. 

Can I learn WordPress with my Marketing Coach?

Marketing Coaching is a service that provides consultation services and there are times when your coach can provide basic tips and tricks. You will not receive training on how to build a website, there are other services out there that provide that type of education.