By Leah Hoppes

How To Avoid Embarrassment & Humiliation in Public Speaking 

If you’ve ever felt like you were going to throw up, freeze up, or pass out this book is for you!

If you want to become more poised and polished in front of an audience, you need this book.

Public speaking doesn’t need to be intimidating and it can be mastered with the right tools. I demystify the art of public speaking and teach you what makes a great public speaker (it isn’t what you think!), how to control your voice, your breath, and your nerves.

You’ll learn how to practice effectively and how to be prepared for any public speaking event!


I have never been able to pinpoint my fears and this book nailed it with every paragraph!

– Trish U.


“Loved it! Leah is so relatable because she hasn’t always been comfortable in front of crowds and that inspires those of us who struggle with public speaking.”

– Mary Beth J.

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Leah Hoppes

I’ve been public speaking since my high school Speech Team days. After that, I spent 4 years in Theatre at college and then 15 years of presenting in corporate. Now, my husband and I  hold workshops and training.

From coaching students to professionals, I’ve had a knack for helping people overcome their nerves, improve their poise and become better speakers.

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