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Need A Public Speaking Coach?

Here’s what you can expect . . .

Public speaking “organizations” allow for a lot of practice speaking but they lack experienced public speaking professionals to guide you. Most of the public speaking coaches you find have bought into a national program and will teach you someone else’s regurgitated material. I have over 32 years of Public Speaking experience at over 1,200 unique events ranging from presenting to C-level executives, to corporate training and business workshops, to keynote speaking engagements in an auditoriums of strangers.

Public speaking coaching sessions are held in person and I employ a variety of tools and methods customized for your unique challenges. 

I’m not going to strip you of your personality, rather I will work with it. I’ll help you focus on what makes you “you” so your audiences will enjoy listening to you. Great public speaking is not about becoming a robotic or humorless person, quite the contrary – being a fantastic public speaker is about highlighting and enhancing the very best part of you and mastering your nerves so you can communicate effectively with your audience.

Initial public speaking coaching package starts with 6 sessions. You’ll have an initial 90-minute evaluation session followed by 5 one-hour sessions. That may be enough to get you on your way, or you may need additional sessions – everyone learns and adapts at a different pace. 

Private sessions allow you to comfortably learn and practice in a safe and encouraging environment.

Why Public Speaking Coaching? 

You could go to one of those public speaking groups and waste hours with other people who don’t have any command over public speaking and you’ll keep practicing the act of public speaking, but you won’t get any better because by practicing the wrong things over and over, you’ll just get better at being worse!

Or, you could sign up for a nationally recognized program and hear the same thing that everyone else hears, regardless of whether that’s an area you need to work on or not. Wouldn’t it be horrible to change something you didn’t need to change?

Wouldn’t you rather get the training you need?

Learn the things you need to improve, not what everyone else needs to improve on. Work with someone who knows how to adapt for any type of situation. I’ll work with you to make sure you present yourself in a way that commands the attention you deserve while presenting the image you need to convey in your unique environment.

Public speaking coaching will increase your confidence. 

My clients are highly successful professionals who have found their of fear public speaking is holding them back from getting to that next level in their career. Over the course of our sessions my clients overcome their anxiety, become more relaxed in front of audiences and end up becoming more powerful and polished presenters in a matter of weeks.

One-on-one public speaking coaching is custom to your needs.

Personal, one-on-one public speaking coaching focuses on where you are right now, regardless of skill or experience level. No need to worry about how you look in front of others or being self-conscious in an already uncomfortable situation.


I used to lose sleep and be sick with anxiety before public speaking at my company but after working with Leah, I actually I look forward to speaking and my income has increased dramatically because it allowed me to get to the next level in my company! 

– MeLissa

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