Rescued for a Purpose: Emotional Freedom after Abuse

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Launching Summer 2024

Restoring the Years the Locusts Have Eaten

Rescued for a Purpose: Emotional Freedom After Abuse

What happens to the Christian woman who loves Jesus with all her heart, who desperately wants to live a Godly life but finds herself in an abusive marriage?

In this vivid book, Restoring the Years the Locusts Have Eaten, Leah shares her journey within an emotionally abusive marriage and how she wrestled with divorce as a Christian woman. Leah uses her powerful story along with Scripture to demonstrate and reinforce God’s deep love and ability to restore our lives. Readers will find inspiration, challenges, and practical tools to escape the spiritual bondage of chronic abuse. Her book offers crucial support, empowering women to make informed decisions about staying in or leaving such relationships. The book is also an essential resource for pastors, counselors, friends and family members walking through these issues with women they love.

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Leah Hoppes

Leah Hoppes is a versatile author known for creating captivating narratives that engage readers. Her dedication to authenticity brings a refreshing depth and honesty to her work. Leah’s passion for supporting women in their Christian faith shines through in her latest projects, establishing her as a compelling voice in Christian nonfiction.

I wrote this book for every woman who has endured psychological violence and other forms of abuse in a relationship and doesn’t think she has a way out. 



Too many of us suffer silently for years, paralyzed out of fear and despair. Too many of us don’t even understand how we got there, or that it’s even possible to live with emotional freedom. This book aims to break the silence on emotional abuse and psychological violence within Christian relationships. It’s time to tear apart the stigma that presides over the abused and challenges the church on how we collectively approach this subject.

I’m excited about this book because it is deeply personal, but I know the power of our stories and how they encourage and inspire others. I share my story of how and why I stayed for so long in a deeply abusive marriage. I also reveal how God, in all of his mercy, pulled me out and onto a path of healing and restoration.

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What Readers Are Saying

Important & Powerful

Ann Kafer

“This book is a powerhouse, full stop. Its authority feels undeniable. Leah’s story is such a testimony and demands to be heard.”

Erich Hofmeister

“Insightful, inspirational & invigorating”

Tess Kossow

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