If you’re a marketing professional looking for marketing help it can be really frustrating because your options seem limited to hours of tedious on-line training (albeit cheap) or giving up two or three days in the office to attend a continuing education class (not cheap).

Your job is not easy and trying to find time in your day to listen, uninterrupted to video training is fairly impossible. This is especially true if you work in a traditional office environment where your phone rings, emails are expected to be answered swiftly and coworkers and bosses stop-by your office. There’s no good way to do on-line training unless you want to do it at home, on your own time. Assuming you have a quiet home and aren’t to exhausted to focus.

The other alternative marketers have to increase their marketing knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and algorithm changes is to attend accredited business classes put on by the big organizations or universities. Classroom teaching can be great – if you have a professional marketer teaching the class. But, more often than not, those classes are not led by professionals using the latest in marketing technology, bur rather academics who understand theory and traditional marketing – not other marketing professionals who are making a living by growing other businesses using the latest in marketing. And that’s an important distinction.

With the challenges of finding good marketing learning opportunities just how are you, as a marketer, to keep your skills sharp?

How do you learn what you need to learn to do your specific job better – right now? Marketing Coaching.

During my corporate marketing career, I tried online training but the only time our corporate culture allowed me to attempt an hour of uninterrupted time was during my lunch break. That wasn’t really conducive to giving myself a mental break. I was too tired when I got home after working such long hours to even think about trying to do online marketing training on my own.

That’s why marketing coaching for marketing professionals is so powerful. As a former corporate marketing manager, I’ve been you. I understand your challenges of working with and leading a marketing team. It can be even more challenging if you are the marketing department. If you’re an island, who do you bounce ideas off of? Who gives you another set of eyes on your projects?

You need another marketing professional who understands marketing and who’s goal is to train you specifically on the marketing areas you need to learn to help you be a rock star at your job.

Why spend hours learning something you don’t need to know?

It’s pointless and a huge waste of time and won’t help you direct your company’s marketing efforts. If you want to drive better results from all of your marketing efforts then you need to be focused on what it is your company needs to be doing better – and focus on that. That’s where marketing coaching comes in.

Providing you with an objective view of your business and your marketing, a marketing coach helps you define everything from must-meet goals to helping you create a road map of how to achieve them. A marketing coach will also help train you on the things you don’t have time to learn on your own.

You could spend hours taking an on-line SEO course, which requires frustrating trick question quizzes (done them!) or you could have your marketing coach provide you good examples, talk you through the basics and preview and comment on your blog writing efforts.

This hands-on marketing learning approach is really valuable because it saves you time, provides you the marketing knowledge you need right now and will help you make a difference in your every day marketing.

With marketing coaching, you’ll love how it improves your marketing skills and how much more knowledgeable and confident you’ll be leading your company’s marketing initiatives! Interested in learning more? Reach out to me.